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Ruusan huone

Experience the charm of the past by staying in our 19th century granary Ruusa's room, which is designed for two people. This sophisticated and idyllic space offers a unique opportunity to relax in a historical milieu.

Start your day with a hearty breakfast in our hobbit cafe, which offers two settings according to your convenience. You can pay for breakfast separately, so you can choose to stay with us with or without breakfast. Accommodation is offered between May and August and includes bed linen.


Experience the comforts of traditional country life in our cozy outdoor hut, which is conveniently located next to the cafe.

Book your historic vacation now and let yourself sink into the peaceful simplicity of the past!

Stay in the sophisticated Ruusa's room.

We have accomoation

in a 19th century shed, room for 2 persons.

Sophisticated Ruusa's room

Breakfast option
(2 settings).

Ruusan huone
Ruusan huone ylhäältä
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