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Hilman retroa

Step back in time and be charmed by the retro spirit of Hilma's room, where two people can stay and experience the atmosphere of past decades. This room is the perfect choice for those who appreciate historical aesthetics and want to wake up in the morning surrounded by the nuanced past.

Hilma's room offers not only rest and peace, but also the opportunity to start your day by enjoying breakfast in our charming hobbit cafe, where two breakfast settings are served. Please note that breakfast is not included in the room price, but it can be added to the accommodation for a separate fee. Accommodation is available from May to August and includes all necessary bedding. You also have a cozy and clean outdoor hut right next to the cafe.

Experience the unique charm of Hilma's room - book your accommodation now and dive into a place of retro peace!

Stay in the retro style Hilma's room

We have 
accommodation in a 19th-century granary, room for 2 people.

Retro style Hilma's room

Breakfast option
(2 settings).

Hilman huone
Hilman huone ylhäältä
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